Advice for New Drivers


So, you’ve just passed your driver’s exam. You think everything is going to be easy from now on. The truth is that you are being extended a privilege. It is easier to lose that license than to keep it.

There are thousands of eyes are on you every day to make sure you follow the rules. Safety is the most important rule for any driver.


Here are some common things overlooked by new drivers:


Speed Limits


Speed limits are posted on roads and the limits are there for a reason.

It may seem silly to you when you see 15 MPH limits posted in a school zone. They are there because of incidents that have happened there in the past. A child may have been hit. Parents may have petitioned for lower speeds because of reckless traffic. Police may have asked for help to keep the area safe. No matter the reason, if you see a posted speed limit, keep your vehicle under that limit. Don’t be a hot head, learn how to naturally lower blood pressure so you don’t get in a road rage situation.


Road Signs


You learned road signs in your driver manual. They weren’t just put in the manual to recognize and then forget. They can help you navigate your trip safely. Signs like “Sharp Curve” or “Road Ends” can actually save your life. Many new drivers drive along ignoring road signs. The more experienced you become as a driver, the more you will pay attention to the signs on the side of the road. “Stop” means stop. If you ignore signs, you will lose your license. You might even forfeit your own life or someone else s.


Following Distance


It is important to stay well with someone when traveling at high speeds. It can be almost impossible to avoid an accident if you are riding someone’s bumper. If you are trying to pass a slow driver, get into the other lane. Don’t play bumper tag. That kind of driving is for the amusement park, not the highway.


Stay Focused Exclusively on Driving


Not staying focused on driving is the most common mistake of new drivers. Unaccomplished drivers make the mistake of putting makeup on while driving. They also try to talk on their cell phones. Many accidents are caused by people trying to do other things while driving. Don’t eat, drink, or even try to set the radio while you are driving. Take the time to pull out of traffic. The time you lose pulling over will save your life.


Text messaging while driving is completely against the law in most states, and should be against the law worldwide. There is no way to drive safely while texting. If your friends say that they can multitask, and text while driving. Mark them down as idiots looking for a casket. Don’t ever text while driving, and pull over to read text messages.




New drivers should take the privilege of driving as a serious responsibility. Most new drivers have to experience the humiliation of tickets, accidents, and loss of license before they get serious about driving. Insurance rates soar for bad drivers. Many must spend their lives on foot before they realize responsibility.